The response, or lack thereof: PART 2


I previously wrote about the lack of response I received from prospective employers. Job applications where I would invest time, sweat and tears into selling my skills, personality and soul (ok, I never quite got that far). Anyway, long story short: I applied for so many jobs and I just never heard back from the majority of them.

But something surprising happened today. Way back when, on March 23rd to be exact, I applied for a job. I had that positive, warm-fuzzy feeling that I was the perfect candidate, and as I pushed that send button, I thought I was sealing the deal. Days then weeks passed as slowly as they could, and I went through the whole range of emotions when I realised I wasn't hearing back. I moved from feeling upset, frustrated, confused, to just completely forgetting about it. And then today, I received an email regarding the role in my inbox, at 11.43am. A response, rejoice! But a response, a total of 82 days after sending in my application.

Not to my surprise, it was a courteous letter of rejection of the usual garb: "the quality and quantity of the applications we received was overwhelming", and "thank you for your time and effort". So overwhelming that you were still processing them three months later or... ? Thanks for bringing back the memories, potential-employer. Why, after three months, would you email me to bring back the pain you caused me after I had healed the wound? The sleepless nights, the long days of silence… (ok, it wasn’t actually that bad but I’m all for the drama). Was the email an afterthought, months after you filled the role, and then realised you forgot to kindly inform the rejected candidates that they were being rejected? Because the 82 days of silence actually did quite a good job of sending that message.

But would I have preferred to not receive that email? I had completely forgotten about that application until 11.43am this Friday morning. It's not closure, as I had already come to terms with not getting the job. It's not upsetting, as I've already moved onto better things. It's just, hilarious really. Did they find a missed memo, run out of things to do for the week, or did the admin need to look busy? I don't think I really care about the response or lack thereof, but I won't complain for the laugh it gave my Friday.