New year, same office


To me, the 'New Year' is always overhyped. First it's how you're going to welcome it in, and then it's all about how you're going to organise it, control it, optimise it. I like to set goals and turn ideas to reality, but I don't set New Year's resolutions, expectations, or make a big fuss of the number change. Even 20 days into the 2016, I still find myself writing 2015 at least once a day. Yesterday, one of my colleagues had a word to me after I had dated three parcels 'sent 18/01/2015' in the parcel tracking book. Clearly I haven't (yet) acquired one of those pretty and practical 2016 diaries that help you keep track of the date #anorganisedlife. However, I was entering 2016 as a career woman- 9 months of a full time job under my belt, with 52 weeks of full time employment and ladder climbing ahead of me. This particular New Year just had to feel different, right?

On my first day back from annual leave, I had all these expectations.

  1. My inbox would be super full and everyone needed me. I had 8 emails, only 1 which actually required me to take action.
  2. Everyone would look different. I was only away for 10 days and everyone looked just how I left them.
  3. Everyone would think that I looked different, because I had my haircut and tanned 2 shades darker. I had a few "welcome backs" and "oh, haven't seen you in a while, where have you been?" comments. Guys, I was in Wellington for the holidays- didn't you see my social media updates of my #summerfun and #goodtobehome moments? Don't you see that I cut 1 and a half inches off my already short hair?
  4. The office would look different. Surely I would have lowered my expectations by now.

Reality: the office is the same as it was in 2015. We're all still doing our jobs, working hard (arguably the Nespresso button is being pushed the hardest), and ticking off tasks.

It took me less than a week to settle back into my old 2015 work routine, causing me to consider appointing ridiculously vague and pointless resolutions, such as "be more organised", "reply to emails faster", "be more productive", "start earlier"On my 12th day at work for 2016, I walked through the office door at 8.29am, settled at my desk at 8.31am and began to check my emails at 8.42am. Same old, same old really, and although I love my job, at that moment, it all felt terribly uninspiring.

So that following moment, I finally made a New Year's resolution: to make every day a little, or a lot different from the one before.

It's vague, I'll agree, but it's (hopefully) simple, yet effective. To me, it can mean a lot of different things: taking a new approach, taking on a new task, having lunch with a different person or walking a different route to work. Let's just see how this one evolves, and what it achieves for myself, my current company, and my career in 2016.

How was your return to work- did you feel that 'same old, same old' feeling like me? Did you set work/life/study New Year's resolutions?