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What to do if you haven't found your passion

By the time I'd left high school, I, and what felt like the rest of the world, had given myself an immense pressure to find my passion. If you were like I was; a fresh, indecisive, wide-eyed eighteen-year-old, you had no idea what you wanted to do that night, yet alone for the rest of your life. Fast forward six years, and my future, along with my passion, is still unclear.

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Choosing yo-pro life over travel life

I’m 9 months into yo-pro life (yo-pro: young professional), and I simultaneously love and hate my decision to take on my career fresh out of university. As I write this, I’ve just finished a 51 hour week, and I'm settling into the couch with some leftovers and a movie, #rager. Why am I not having a drink somewhere? Shouldn’t I be going out? What are my plans for the weekend and why, oh why am I not overseas?

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