Chapter Two: New Year, New Job

On January 8th, 2018, I started a new job. The sun was shining, I was wearing my favourite skirt, and the superstitious Asian in me celebrated two eights in the date, a sign of good luck. I deemed it an auspicious day to start, and as luck would have it, every traffic light I encountered turned green as I approached it. I arrived at the office a little early and a little sweaty (from Auckland humidity of course), but managed to stay composed. As rang the doorbell, I must have jolted something on inside, as my nerves kicked in. The first day that I had spent the past two weeks visualising through summer-tinted glasses had suddenly become real. I had spent my annual leave excited for the fresh start and being all “#newyearnewme”, but I hadn’t been a new employee in three years. What did it feel like to be ’new’? How long would it be before I wasn’t new anymore? Was I going to remember everyone’s names? Who would I be working with? Ultimately, was I going to be good at my job?


Barkers Three Months
Barkers Three Months 1
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Yet, as soon as I sat at my new desk, I felt instantly at ease. It could have been the air-conditioning on full-blast, the lofty ceilings and the noticeable presence of leafy indoor plants, but any worries or doubts I had were left at the door. I found that it was refreshingly fun being new: to have a clean slate and introduce yourself to someone who had no idea who you were or where you had come from. As I was no longer a 'Marketing Manager in the tourism and retail industry', I had to learn to define and describe myself. To starting telling a new story.

By Tuesday, Week Two, I had learned everyone's names and had a feel for who was who, what was what. I really enjoy and respect the personalities and expertise of everyone that I work with, my team has gelled together nicely and I like to think I’m doing my job well! I don't dread going to work, I appreciate my time there, and I'm inspired by what I do. Bit of a win, win, win, right?

Over the weekend, April 8th ticked over and I found myself walking past the office. There was a sense of pride, satisfaction and optimism, that I had reached the three-month mark in my new role, thus three months of writing Chapter Two of my career journey. Ninety days in and fresh out of my probation period, I can safely say that my new move has been a positive and satisfying career opportunity. No regrets, and only possibilities.


Barkers Three Months Gif

Three Months!

And clearly very stoked about it!

Photos taken by Bryan Law
Top: Emblem Tee, from
Shorts: An old, old favourite from
Forever New
Sneakers: Esplar Three Lock in Extra White, by
Veja from Good As Gold
Sunnies: Henderson in Gold, by
Bailey Nelson