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Chapter Two: New Year, New Job

On January 8th, 2018, I started a new job. The sun was shining, I was wearing my favourite skirt, and the superstitious Asian in me celebrated two eights in the date, a sign of good luck. I deemed it an auspicious day to start, and as luck would have it, every traffic light I encountered turned green as I approached it.

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One year work anniversary

I celebrated my one year anniversary in the month of May, of being a full-time yo-pro. Congratulations to me, myself and I, and thank you to my family, friends and workplace for all your support. It’s been an enlightening, challenging ride with a few highs, lows and curveballs, but overall, I can happily say it’s been a very positive experience *cue award-show applause here*.

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#TGIF: My first after-work-drinks

Ordering the Oreo cocktail maybe wasn’t the best move to make. I instantly got called out: “well now everyone knows you’re the youngest Lennie”, and “we’re out with a child here”, followed by “I now feel so old please leave the table”. We were out to celebrate two birthdays, both colleagues reaching numbers that although were still in the twenties, were a little scary to me. I felt young, but at no point did I regret my drink choice...

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