That one night, at the Theatre of Fashion

Fashion has always been a passion of mine, and I know many of you can relate. As a young girl, I owned 3 barbie dolls and 5 outfits between them. When I decided that they needed to stop committing the crime of outfit repetition and copycatting, I took to the scissors, scrap fabric and sewing needles and made up my own mini ensembles. As I grew older, I advanced into a sewing machine and made more mess than I did as a child. I made myself two ball dresses and a few skirts, cushion covers, curtains and aprons (as well as started a countless number of other projects!)

I knew I wasn't cut out for fashion, and I didn't want to be a designer but the industry has always fascinated me. The design process, the creation, the presentation of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights. There's a part of me that still dreams of a collection under my name and a runway at NYFW, but for now it will stay a dream. Instead, I get my fashion fix by living vicariously through fashion bloggers,, my talented soul sister J-Wong (who has an incredible leather bag line, YU MEI) and trying to attend the odd event when I can (fashion can be pretty exclusive you know).

So this one time (just last month), I won an Instagram competition run by fashion boutique, Trouble and Fox, to be their eyes at Trelise Cooper's Theatre of Fashion (#dreamscometrue). I had a stalk of the Spring-Summer 2016 preview and let me tell you, warm weather cannot come any sooner. I think fashion appreciator/wardrobe curator suits me more than creator. It was a grand ol' time, and I hope that by some fairy godmother's grant, it happens again (#whoneedsPrinceCharming... #frontrowplease). Thank you to Trouble and Fox for granting me the luck and a ticket in- and also for the wee intro you wrote about me, #blushing! The detailed recount of the event is here, but behold, find a snippet of the schpeel below.


The Instagram notification from Trouble and Fox could not have come at a better time: I was 10 minutes from the end of my date with the cross trainer and it was not going well. After I read the post proclaiming me as the winner of two seats at the Theatre of Fashion for that night, those last 10 minutes flew by (aka. I rushed home as I just had to start the preparations for my glam night ahead)...

... It would be an understatement to say that I was excited. As our footsteps drew us closer to Q Theatre, and the clock ticked closer to 7.30pm, I surpassed that emotion. We walked across a scattered bouquet on the pavement, picked up our daisy shaped tickets, and officially entered into The Theatre of Fashion. One step into the venue and I could feel the art, the glamour, the fashion; heels high, outfits très chic, lipstick popping, and eyebrow game (très) strong. Of course, doors opened fashionably late, but this provided the perfect people-watching opportunity. As I spied on the designer-dressed crowd and their suited, drink-holding male counterparts, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were as excited as I was, or if it was ‘just another fashion thing’ to them.

The doors swung wide and welcomed us in, and my heart skipped a beat, as I knew what was waiting on the other side...

Read the rest of my fairytale on the Trouble and Fox blog, and be careful because afterwards, you're going to browse their online store and want to buy a lot! But in the meantime, indulge in some of the pics below (sorry for the up-and-down quality, I'm an iPhoneographer! And you know what low lighting can be like, #nightmare!)


Ps. I still haven't eaten the block of Whittakers yet... it's too pretty! But as I type, I'm having mad-as chocolate cravings and that would hit the spot.