Feeling like a million bucks

I have an emotional connection to my wardrobe. Every piece is curated, as every piece helps me tell my story to the world. One of the foundations to my closet is to only buy pieces that I love. And another, is to buy versatile items that can change and grow old with me. So I collect pieces that inspire, brighten and lighten me, pieces that show me off, make me feel something, and pieces that I can wear again and again, dress up and down. Sometimes, I break the rules and only one foundation matters: love.

I was attending a gala dinner, and in need of an outfit- whether it was new, borrowed, or revitalised from my existing wardrobe. A few weeks before, I had the great luck and pleasure to meet New Zealand designer, Kay Goss. She had just shown a collection of gorgeous silks, lace and chiffon, with beautiful drape, fit and flow. It was a stunning, sensual collection that made me think, 'wow, I'd love to wear something like that one day,' and 'damn, that would never look good on me, not in a million years'. 

Next thing I knew, it was the night of the gala. And I was in a Kay Goss ensemble: a black lace and ostrich feather handcrafted top, and slinky velvet skirt. I was feeling on top of the world- confident, classy, and all kinds of beautiful. As I saw myself in the mirror, I remembered when I first laid my eyes on the feathered top. It was on the catwalk, on a statuesque, flawless model. At the time I thought it was luxuriously outrageous, inexplicably gorgeous. And upon assessing my reflection, I thought the exact same thing.


How does this fit into my conscious closet?

1. Made in New Zealand

Kay Goss is lovingly and delicately handmade in New Zealand. Being able to support our fashion industry is something that I truly value. Having seen the Kay Goss workroom, I could trust that my outfit was made in a safe and ethical environment, with high standards and fair working conditions. A locally made item also means that it has a smaller footprint- less packaging and logistics waste.


2. i love it

Enough said, really. 

If you ever fall in love with something, but then tell yourself endless reasons why it won't work for you, just go and try it on. You never know what might happen. For me, it was an ultimate self-love moment. And revisiting these photos gives me a little boost every time.


Top and skirt: Kay Goss
Makeup: Olivia from Bobbi Brown, Britomart
Photographer: Bryan from Optic By Law
Editing: Erin from Acorn Photography