Let's Be Blunt

Being a Wellingtonian, I grew up with a strong distrust of umbrellas. Whenever there was rain, there was wind, thus there was no use for the unreliable contraption that would no doubt, fail you. Too many raindrops have fallen on me whilst I've stopped in a really awkward, inconvenient spot on the road or footpath, taming the shrew that would be beyond saving.

Since moving to Auckland, I've learned that you can't trust Metservice or the iPhone Weather app. We all know those days that start beautifully and end in puddles, and you're literally, caught in the rain. Sick of rocking that 'slick' hair-do at work, or trying to dry my skirt with the hand-dryer, I decided I needed to take a stand. Well, more like take myself to a Blunt Umbrella stand, and invest in a drier future.

I'm a proud owner of a Blunt XS Metro in Charcoal. Honestly, it's a happy relationship and I've never been more prepared for the elements. Blunt converted me; I declare full trust in my umbrella and I would fall into it if it could catch me. It is engineered to perform; perfectly tensioned to tackle the weather and keep you dry. Blunt has a permanent home in my handbag; and being light and compact, it's hardly cumbersome. The fabric is also water-repellant and quick-drying, meaning after the heaviest downpour, you can shake it off and not leave a slippery track behind you once indoors. What also makes it distinctive are the curved, Blunt edges, which are the secret to it's structure as well as a safety revolution for umbrellas... Goodbye near-misses of eye-stabbings and hair-grabbings by rusted metal umbrella edges!





In a world of planned obsolescence, Blunt has built their product to 'resist the throw-away'. It is a strong product designed to perform, and I can personally vouch for that. This winter, I swear I've seen less umbrellas in bins and more Blunts on the street. It's a movement I'm very happy to witness and be a part of.


Each umbrella comes with a two year warranty, where you can send it back to Blunt to be repaired. My umbrella is missing the top button which covers the center (see pics). I've already emailed Blunt and they've given me the return address, however the weather has been so unreliable I've been unable to part with it! Once the sun comes out and stays out, off it will go!


My Blunt fits into my daily handbag, covers me perfectly and performs like it should. It's discreet enough to clip onto a side bag and take out with me on a night out. I picked a colour that goes with all my outfits, but isn't black! On my recent trip to Europe in the height of summer, I even took it with me, and it provided much-needed portable shade! Wind, rain or shine, a little Blunt goes a long way.


So let's be blunt. go out and get one.


Umbrella: Blunt XS Metro
Cape: Jetsetter Wrap by Avoca
Sweater: Crew Neck by Avoca
Skirt: Juliette Hogan Pleated Midi Skirt
Boots: Overland Merchant
Photographer: Bryan from Optic By Law