And so it begins again. A ten-week boxing fight camp: training to be fitter, faster and smarter. Sweating it out with the crew, and yarning post-training about our ailments, goals, struggles and goss. I’m back again to hit harder, to get hit a little less and to (potentially, probably) fight at the end of it.

It all started in June last year, when I embarked on a bit of a boxing journey. With a few box-fit classes under my belt and barely knowing how to wrap my hands or what my stance was… I signed up for a ten-week boxing camp with 100% intention to fight and win. I knew it was going to be physically demanding and I knew I was going to spend the majority of my time at the gym. What I didn’t expect however, was for it to be as emotional as it was physical. Not only was I the strongest and leanest I’d ever been, but the most focused and determined. Arguably, I also smashed through my maximum stress level, then gracefully descended to my most zen. I’ll mention there were drops of tears amongst the puddles of sweat, and screams of frustration and pain amongst the laughter. It’s a ‘first time’ milestone that I’ll never forget.

Last fight camp, I captured ten weeks of footage that admittedly and annoyingly, I’m still churning through now. This fight camp, I’m trying to do a little weekly vlog so the sweaty footage of all my best angles (and those of my training buddies) can see the light of day and not just sit in the depths of a one terabyte hard drive.

Training and camp by: Hybrid Training
Locations: Ludus Magnus Gym, Combat Academy, Flour Mill Cafe
Music: Choose Me - Ponder, Vibe With Me - Joakim Karud